Z4 Windscreen

Z4 Windscreen by Windblox

Fits all BMW Z4s, 2004-now, including the M roadster and the E89 models.

price_109Windblox Z4 windscreens have the strength and durability for a lifetime warranty.  We also provide a full 30 day trial period.  If you’re anything less than pleased with this Z4 windscreen, then we even pay for shipping back (from US and Canadian addresses).

Options include acrylic or lexan, color of tints (smoke, bronze, yellow, blue, red, orange), storage satchel, strap color, and rubber edging.

Made in the USA with premium cast acrylic or lexan upgrade.  Best material for resisting buffs and abrasions; this windscreen will stay crystal clear with a lifetime of use on your BMW Z4

BMW Z4 Windscreen BMW Z4 Windscreen
BMW Z4 Windscreen BMW Z4 Windscreen
BMW Z4 Windscreen BMW Z4 Windscreen


Do you need to decrease turbulence in the cockpit of your Z4?  Do you love to drive top-down, but your hair whips about?  Are you eager to put the top-down, but the wife isn’t?  Would you like to be able to take long trips with the top-down, and arrive not feeling tired at your destination?  Would you like to be able to talk on your cell phone, when you need to, even though the top may be down?  Do you want to be able to talk to the passenger next to you at a normal, indoor room, conversational level?  Do you want to hear the full range and power of your stereo on your Z4?

This BMW Z4 windscreen is the proud result of hundreds of hours of designing and prototyping, along with the feedback and continued refinement from a BMW Z4 club’s membership.  Like you, we’re passionate about our BMW Z4 and driving top-down.  With this, Windblox’s goal is to provide our customers the best performing windscreen at an outstanding value.